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They’re not even trying to hide it. Republicans are systematically working to make it harder to vote. The #ForThePeopleAct will protect our elections & limit the influence of dark money groups trying to restrict voting rights. We need to get this done.
I get asked all the time: What can we do to stop the wave of despicable, racist laws that restrict the right to vote? The answer is clear: Pass the #ForThePeople Act. Failure is not an option.
The Republicans’ attempts to make it harder to vote are what you’d expect to see in Putin’s Russia, not in American democracy. This is a dark moment. But Democrats are committed to passing the #ForThePeople Act and protecting the right to vote nationwide.
We should make it easier for people to vote – not harder.
Climate change is a crisis – but it’s also an opportunity to create millions of good-paying, union jobs. We can't squander it.
More than one year into this pandemic, nurses and health care workers continue to serve on the very front lines. We owe them our gratitude today and every day. #NationalNursesDay
Save democracy. Protect the right to vote. Get big money out of politics. Let’s pass the #ForThePeople Act.
Teachers are heroes every day – but after a year of uncertainty, they deserve our appreciation more than ever. Thank you to all of our teachers in New York and across the country! #TeacherAppreciationDay
The American Jobs Plan is widely popular – because it will put millions of people to work, fight climate change and build for the future.
The only way we can keep passing Joe Biden’s agenda is with a strong Democratic majority in the Senate. Right now our majority is razor-thin, so we need your help every step of the way. Donate before midnight to help us keep fighting:
Voting rights. Green infrastructure. Millions of new jobs. Access to child care and education. Real action against climate change. We can make all of Joe Biden’s agenda a reality – but only if our Senate Majority is strong. Donate tonight to help us:
I’m so grateful we have a president who believes climate change is real and trusts science. #JointAddress
Investing in our infrastructure means investing in our planet and our people. The #AmericanJobsPlan is a down payment on our country’s future – and we need to get it done. #JointAddress
100 days ago, less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated. No new checks were on the way. Too many small businesses were still closed. We passed the American Rescue Plan, and now help is here. #JointAddress