Health Care

Chuck Schumer believes that every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care. During the Trump administration, he fought tirelessly to stop the GOP’s repeated attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act 

Protect and Strengthen the Affordable Care Act

The ACA helped millions of uninsured Americans gain access to health care and guaranteed that no one can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing health condition. Now we must build upon the progress of the ACA to ensure everyone has access to health care, drive down the costs of prescription drugs, and eliminate fraud, abuse and inequities in the health care system.

Through the American Rescue Plan, Chuck Schumer passed additional funding to expand the Affordable Care Act for two years. By providing greater subsidies for insurance plans, monthly premiums will decrease an average of $50 and the majority of Americans who enroll in health insurance through the ACA marketplace will be able to purchase a plan for $10 or less per month. 

Include Dental, Vision and Hearing Coverage in Medicare

Chuck is also working with Bernie Sanders to ensure Medicare includes dental, vision and hearing coverage. Right now, those areas of coverage are excluded from Medicare. But when left untreated, vision, dental and hearing issues can lead to much more serious medical conditions, so closing this gaping hole in coverage can save lives.

Lower the cost of prescription drugs

Right now, prescription drugs remain exorbitantly expensive and there’s little incentive for drug companies to lower their prices. Chuck Schumer believes Medicare should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices so we can drive down the price of medications Americans depend on.

Protecting and Expanding Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act expanded eligibility for Medicaid, allowing millions of low-income Americans to gain access to health care. But in 12 states, Republicans have blocked Medicaid expansion, so millions of people still don’t have access to the health care they deserve. As part of the American Rescue Plan, Chuck Schumer passed additional funding for Medicaid to provide additional incentives for states to finally expand Medicaid.