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RT @JoshDorner: Member of Senate GOP leadership declares raising the min wage and guaranteeing equal pay for women as just "noise." http://…
The Tea Party elixir has not solved the problems as promised & the reality of the decline of middle class jobs/incomes is sinking in.
4 ways to redirect Tea Party anger: go on the offense, legislate to grow the middle class, fix citizens united & explore top-two.
To the plutocrats gov't is the enemy but not to the average, grassroots Tea Party member.
The American people became angry and frustrated, and the Tea Party elite tapped into that with their Pied Piper solution.
Somehow, the Tea Party elite switched the cause and effect of the financial meltdown.
...and start talking about the rise and fall of the Tea Party, about how many people support smart gov't programs...
There is a sharp divide between Tea Party elites & their followers. Time for Democrats to exploit it...